About Best Business

Best Business Manukau is a networking group that works because of the successful alliances that are formed. The members provide a welcoming and professional environment that encourages everyone to interact and learn about each other’s businesses, that essentially produces quality referrals. Best Business becomes your sales team, and it’s a great way to grow your networks both in Auckland and nationally.

The benefits of joining Best Business Manukau are:

  • Meeting other business professionals from other industries, therefore growing your networks
  • Creating new contacts that can help you and your business, eg. if you need your car to be serviced, contact Ben, or if you are having problems with your computer servers, contact Billy. Alternatively if a member needs to contact another member for advice before employing them or not, it is very beneficial being able to phone the member for their expert free discussion eg, if you are refinancing your mortgage and you need to know the best  structure for minimising interest or about any potential tax issues or an efficient tax structure for the loan, contact Ian and Paul before proceeding
  • The potential to create new business through referrals
  • It helps you to practice speaking about your business, therefore improving your presentation skills.

What to know

 Best Business Manukau is committed to getting the best results for you and its members, which means being involved, engaging with each other and respecting the networking group protocol. This ensures a positive and professional networking environment for all.
  • We have weekly meetings every Thursday at 7am that last approx. 90 minutes. You must stay for the whole meeting.
  • You must attend all meetings. If you cannot attend a meeting, you may send a substitute.
  • Our current meeting place is Melba Cafe, Manukau.
  • Only one person is accepted per professional industry.

Visit Best Business

If you would like to join Best Business, we would love for you to come visit our group. Go to our contact page, to fill out your details, and to register your visit. We will be in contact with you to confirm your visit to our next meeting.

Joining Best Business

After your visit to the group, we will follow up with you about your experience, and if you would like to join. The facilitation team will get back to you with the details of the membership fee and becoming part of the group.
If the group is at full capacity, or your trade/industry position is already filled, we will put you on the waiting list and will contact you if it becomes available.